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This post was submitted by Zack Rosen So, much to my chagrin, I found an interview where alt-country dynamo Neko Case essentially admits she’s not a lesbian. She sings about women all the time, her sexual tension with backup singer Kelly Hogan is thicker than Alec Baldwin’s hair and she has an unstoppable following among queer women, who are great at smelling their own.I had found the queer-disproving article before I saw her other band, The New Pornographers, last night at the 930 Club.When one particular back-and-forth went on for about the length of the song, some members of the audience got restless and began to heckle a band that they shouldn’t have been seeing in the first place if they weren’t interested in hearing them talk.And I had to wonder: Were any of the unhappy male voices I heard there because they had read about Neko as a sexy babe in GQ and wanted to see her live?I’m probably going to get my a-- taken to the cleaners by Vampire Weekend, but being asked is seriously nice enough.” Since going solo in the late Nineties, Case has made her name with releases such as Furnace Room Lullaby (2000), Fox Confessor Brings The Flood (2006) and 2009’s Middle Cyclone, which made the top three in the United States and for which she received her first Grammy nod.These were records that mapped the rise of a rare talent blessed with a bracing voice and an erudite way with country, and noirish folk, somewhere between Wanda Jackson and Natalie Merchant. It’s the product of a tumultuous time, during which her past finally appeared to catch up with her.By the age of 15 she’d left home and was immersed in the punk scene in Tacoma, Washington, drinking and staying up all hours.

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She’s gorgeous, that’s undebatable, but some part of me feels like she took some Maxim-esque shots a couple years ago and they are going to haunt her through men’s magazines until her hair turns white and she does a posthumous, late-career duet with Nat King Cole. Case was wearing pants and an androgynous button up shirt. She looked like a woman that everyone would want to pick up at a Mautner Project fundraiser, not jello wrestling at Phase 1.

It's not every day you get to peek into a rock star's home kitchen — and it's not often you find a rock star like Neko Case, who lives in a 1787 farmhouse in Vermont, and who not only loves her homey kitchen, but keeps a piano there and composes much of her music right in the middle of the kitchen. She's on the road as much as 10 months out of the year, but Case still finds time to write songs right in her kitchen.

She's a favorite around here, so it was really delightful to see her homey, warm kitchen — full of eclectic finds and clearly very lived-in.

“There was no phoenix from the fire, nothing glamorous about it at all.

It was actually a big slog through a mire.” But rather than create a record that’s depressing or morose, the frank and vivacious songs have earned Case a second Grammy nomination, in the Best Alternative Album category, “It’s been a bad four years and I really appreciate that they’ve nominated me, because I did work really hard.

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