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Bjiirk, for some time pa«t, but had died in the previous February, ao it vfu thought beat that Mr. Vandcu Ma accepted Hay 21, 1M7, «nd re gation ; Senior Warden, Horace Burr ; Junior War- den, Samuel M. Andrew's, Oalvaiy, and the descendants of her old membenbip are not only foui Hl in the variou.s Kpiscojial Churches of the vicinity, but make up no inconsiderable por- tion of the best membership of the other religious oommunions around us and many of the honored and re«p«vteil litizeii'' "f r!

UMASS AMHERST ai EDbb DEb D 52ES 3 FIVE COLLEGE DEPOSITORY I □DDDDODDa DDDa DDDQDa DDDDDDDDDDDDD H D R ° H '^'? The rug depiirtinenl, too, was fiill of iii- lerest and wonder, and an ong various kinds of rugs, we noticid one, which liiied the prilli- ng -, where ihe bright. We sometimes have as good when the eyes or the parings only are planted, as when the whole potatoes are taken. One of my neighbors ploughed for the first time, about half an acre of plain land, in(dining to a sandy loam; this, he planted with potatoes without any manure in this field ; the potatoes were good.

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He exerted himself very earnestly to bring the financial condi- tion of the church to a more safe and satislhctofj state, and in order to legalize titles and save what re- mained of the glehe and other real estate from being slh of November, teaching them every day, except FHday, from eleveu to two o'clock, and followed it up till ihe 2e same timo dintributed moufi thm small religious books ia Koglisb, pub- Ikhed hf the Society for the Propagation of the Goa- pel, which they, by the re r:) provided for tbdr protection. Mc Cnllough, Rector of the parish, preached." In 1847, at a meetingof the ve.-itry, it was decided to hold services at the old Trinity Chnreh every Sunday affcemoon, and that the evening service at Fifth and King be dispensed with. l/cwis was engaged as assistant in care of the old church, and continued till Eaater, 1888. Subsequently a movement was inaugurated, re- sulting In tlm fimnadon of a congregation, which, through the courtesy of tbe ancient Presbyterian congregation, utilized the church belonginy: to the latter, at the corner of Market and Tenth Streets, with Rev. The stone was fhmished at a price con.sidcrably under mark^ rates by Edward Tatnall. The first delcgttes to the Diocesan Convention were John B.

John's and Old Swedes', in conjunction with the rector, Mr. At Turkish uk, we excel at helping you find your match safely and quickly.Through our extensive profiles, members can learn about each other before meeting in person.We know how it is difficult to meet likewise Turkish singles abroad.Therefore, we created this Turkish dating website to help Turkish professionals abroad find their soulmates. If you want to find Turkish women & men you are at the right Turkish dating website.

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