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While many of the newfeatures are playing catch-up to In Design CS2, which has been out for more than a year (I’ll mention some of those features later), they could be enough to stop current Quark XPress users from thinking about switching.Plus, version 7 has a couple of very interesting, unique features not found in the current In Design.• Rewritten for Mac OS X as a native Cocoa app, with dramatic speed improvements and access to special OS X features such as Recent Items, Dictation, File List in Dock, etc. • Palettes that automatically dock to the edges of the display, and automatically show/hide. • An improved Measurements palette that completely replaces the old Modify dialog. • East Asian typography in all editions of Quark XPress 10.• Import pictures and hyperlinks from Microsoft Word documents.Of course, space and time doesn’t allow this review to be an all-inclusive comparison.Unique Quark XPress features Composition Zones, simply put, can allow multiple Quark XPress users to work on the same document, or to import the same shared content into multiple documents.

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There could be some readers using Quark who get the magazine for the other Adobe content, so I’ll compare the features to In Design’s when appropriate.There’s a new grey colour scheme and the on-screen palettes have been updated and reorganised.Palettes can now be grouped and docked to the right or left edge of the screen, with the option of automatic hiding when not in use.Under the skin the Mac version is now Cocoa native for the first time.Previously the code was based on Carbon, the hangover transition code from OS 9 days.

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