Uw dating

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Unless you live under a rock with no wifi access, you know the ultimate romantic story of the 21st century went viral last week, when a UW Madison student declared her love for a boy in a Vikings jersey on their school's Snapchat geotag story, leading the entire school to got involved and bring the two snap-crossed lovers together IRL.It was basically the plot to Nicholas Sparks' next romantic book-turned-movie, only it happened for real. He's also a senior at UW Madison, and he's biomedical engineering major who wants to go to med school when he graduates."I hadn't found the right lighting, or taken my hair down, or taken my glasses off.I just opened my phone and recorded my snap in one try."And Reed probably never would have seen it had his friends not texted him to tell him a girl called him out on Snapchat.The official nickname for the school athletic teams, students and alumni are the “Huskies”, or more informally “The Dawgs”.The costumed school mascot is named “Harry the Husky”.Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND) is partnering with the Wyoming Department of Health to implement a sexual and reproductive health training targeted at individuals with disabilities.The Sexual and Reproductive Health project is implementing the Friendships & Dating curriculum.

The UW has 21 varsity athletic programs that are NCAA Division 1 within the Pac-12 conference.

The first class each week is held in a classroom setting and the second class will be held at different locations in the community to help reinforce skills participants learn in the classroom.

America’s “Real Life Hitch,” David Coleman, comes to UW-La Crosse with his humorous and challenging advice on creating and maintaining a good relationship. For more information, contact the Cartwright Center Information Counter at 608.785.8898 or visit

"I was thinking some girl was throwing hate at the Vikings or something, and I went on there ready to fire right back," Reed said.

As you know, the rest is history, and Abby and Reed's thoughts on their first embrace are just as romantic as the actual Snapchat moment.

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