Reality dating show hosts

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A move to New York City meant "Donahue" could be carried live by 100 stations around the country.

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After launching his career with a Dayton radio show that featured an outspoken atheist named Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Donahue built the nation's first national daytime TV talk show that involved often bizarre or contentious subjects with a call-in number.

He tackled groundbreaking topics — the AIDS epidemic, the savings and loan crisis and a debate between Democratic presidential candidates Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown with no interruption — but also wore a dress for a forum on cross-dressing men and hosted a segment on teenage strippers who had the support of their parents in the career.

You have to make sure you’re treating people right.

You eulogize yourself every day by your actions and your words.”Check out photos from her appearance below in the gallery.

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