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She resigned from her position as a deputy to join the Tulsa department.A police spokesman told the Tulsa World that Shelby’s husband, who is also a Tulsa police officer, was in the helicopter at the time of the shooting “by happenstance.” It was not her husband that made the comment about Crutcher being a “bad dude.” The other officer in the helicopter hasn’t been identified.It houses multiple websites that the player can access.The ultimate goal of the game is to skim every available website in search of "keys", bits of code that, once pieced together, can be used to access a Red Room.Her attorney, Scott Wood, told the Times that Shelby thought Crutcher had a weapon.He also said Crutcher “had acted erratically, refused to comply with several orders, tried to put his hand in his pocket and reached inside his car window before he was shot.” Wood told the Tulsa World the incident began about two minutes before the dashcam video started.The Deep Web is a section of the World Wide Web and what Welcome to the Game revolves around.

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Her dashcam did not record video, according to police. Wood told the newspaper Crutcher was not with his SUV when she arrived, “so she isn’t really sure what’s going on.” The attorney told the Tulsa World that Crutcher ignored the officer’s commands several times and didn’t answer her questions and reached for his pockets several times despite Shelby telling him not to.This is not my child in the video." The child's parents have been identified as Chuck and Kate Booth who have said: "America, the video is real".They claimed they did not think their baby was "possessed" but cannot explain what happened.Browsing the Deep Web puts the player in incredible danger, making them the target for hackers and home invaders (specifically the Kidnapper and the Breather) after intercepting their IP.Shelby, 42, was hired by the Tulsa Police Department in 2011 after working for the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office from June 2007 to November 2011, according to KOKI-TV.

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