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Almost every home speaker manufacturer rushed to develop a version of the corner horn. JBL's dealers were clamoring for a product to compete in this market. Instead, it was an example of refining a proven concept with an uncompromised approach to design and build quality.(Nonetheless, the Hartsfield design was considered unique enough that a patent was issued in 1957) While there had been some criticism of the Klipschorn in its use of mass market drive units and an insufficiently rigid cabinet, there would be no such compromises with the Hartsfield.

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The Hartsfield has to be credited with establishing JBL's reputation as builders of the finest loudspeaker available. In a 1955 article on the hi-fi industry, Life magazine called the Hartsfield "the ultimate dream speaker".

High Fidelity magazine stated in another 1955 article, "of all of the Klipsch derived family, one speaker, in my estimation, is noticeably superior - the Lansing Hartsfield." The development of the Hartsfield was intrinsically tied to the success of the previously introduced Klipschorn. He had belonged to the same chapter of the AES as Ray Pepe, JBL's Vice President of Marketing when Pepe had lived on the eastern seaboard.

Ten minutes to one hour depending on the icebreaker selected To aid in learning students' names, consider using a "naming cycle" where students introduce their partner and recall the names of the students previously introduced.

This is an excellent, but time-consuming way to learn everyone's name.

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