Validating uml models and ocl constraints

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evaluator is part of an initiative taken at the University of Malaga to provide support to OCL (Object Constraint Language) from Maude.OCL is a part of UML, used to provide textual descriptions to UML models.The Object Constraint Language (OCL) is a textual declarative language for describing rules applied to models and is an important supplement for the Unified Modeling Language (UML), providing expressions that have neither the ambigu- ities of natural language nor the inherent difficulty of using complex mathematics [14].During software development, constraints can be written in OCL to supply complementary information at a conceptual level, to achieve higher precision and accuracy within the model and to improve the expressiveness of certain artifacts in the analysis and design phases [19].The most important diagram i.e., UML class diagram addresses the static structure of the system.It defines the attributes and behavior (operations) of the class.Using a formal language has been favored when getting ben- efits of its expressiveness and unambiguity is critical and affordable.However, it is not easy for one who has no strong background on mathematics to use formal languages.

With the aim of validating systems described by class and sequence diagrams with the m Od CL tool, a tool to generate executable code from UML class and sequence diagrams has been implemented.For each snapshot the OCL constraints are automatically checked.Information about a system state is given by graphical views.Although it assumes a given representation of the UML model, it basically coincides with the typical representation of UML models in Maude and therefore it can be easily used as an external component from other Maude tools which require an OCL evaluator., how to write the OCL constraints included in the class diagram and how to validate them.

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