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According to a report released Wednesday by Applause, which aggregates app rating data, Americans hate dating apps more than all other types of apps. Indeed, while the average app quality score in the U. is 67 out of 100 points across all categories, for dating apps, that number is 42 out of 100 — the lowest average score across categories.The report examined in detail a total of 53 dating apps, all of which had more than 1,000 user reviews. While part of this may be that the app experience (selecting dates, swiping through profiles, etc.) isn’t as good as it is with other types of apps, another issue is “the people you encounter,” says Matt Johnston, the chief marketing officer of Applause.Unlike the others, Zoosk’s claim to fame is its verified photo feature.In other words, the person you chat with actually looks like their photo.If Applause were your best friend, they’d tell you, “Bro, I don’t block.

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More than one in 10 Americans have used an online dating site or mobile dating app, according to the Pew Research Center — and for many of them, the experience wasn’t a pleasant one. dating apps lag all other apps in rating scores by 25 points [scores are out of 100 total points with 100 being a perfect score], according to the report.

If you’re looking to start dating in the USA but you aren’t sure where to meet singles, you can’t go wrong by joining a free online dating website.

As a member of a dating site in the USA, you’re putting yourself in a position where you can meet an American from any of the regions.

You know the ones where they are depicted as: While there are folks who do perpetuate those stereotypes, there are millions of other singles who do not and if you want to meet them, why not try a dating site in the USA?

As a member of an online dating site that is dedicated to helping you meet American singles, you’ll quickly learn that not all everyone is like that in the USA dating an American seems a little more appealing, doesn’t it?

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