Dating cameos

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Diane Chambers visits Frasier in Seattle to promote a play she has written.Frasier decides it is time to vent his feelings about how much pain he felt when Diane left him at the altar.We want all of our cameo customers to be happy with their purchase as we have been collecting, buying and selling antique and vintage cameos for more than 20 years.

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Antique Cameo Jewelry is the largest part of our business.In one shot he's there, then in another he's gone. See more » Frazier at first is very angry with Diane, then tries to help her when he finds out she's a wreck. The play's the thing where I'll catch the conscience of the King.It's about a bar & a bunch of people who hang out there. These affluent Victorians eventually had a big influence on cameos when they demanded a more familiar-looking lady, with a thinner neck, her hair up, and wearing jewelry.Vintage cameos also incorporated religious figures and scenes, floral motifs, and images from mythology.

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