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All of the camps are similar in design with a different focused sport every week.

The focused sport will be 1-2 hours of the daily plan.

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Trees crowd the sylvan trail like overeager children at a Fourth of July parade, their branches poking through the base’s barbed wire fence.

You hear far more woodpeckers and thrushes than Osprey helicopters.

Vintage Sport Camps are all about keeping kids active through sports and introducing them to new opportunities.

Technical and tactical sessions are done during the day, while intra-camp competitions are held at night. Camp" as it's known, is organized by birth year, unlike your regular-season teams which are organized by age group.

With that, the coaches and chaperones also make sure camp is fun -- just ask any camper who has been there! Organizing camp by birth year or by age group doesn't provide an exact fit as there will be some players not eligible for camp, while their teammates are.

That toxic enemy is far more prevalent than most American suspect, not to mention far more intractable.

That the Department of Defense is the world’s worst polluter is a refrain one often hears from environmentalists, who have long-standing, unsurprising gripes with the military-industrial complex.

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