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During the week, Engel lives in Palo Alto, at Meira Academy — a small, all-girls Jewish day school — where she names Jewish Studies as her favorite subject.Every Friday after classes, her dad picks her up and drives her to their home in Oakland for Shabbat dinner, and every Sunday evening she heads back.

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Its cult success speaks to the possibilities of niche series using familiar genres to appeal to international audiences in a globalized television market.

Shame,” replied Townhall’s political editor Guy Benson, Twitchy reported.“VA has background checks & you can’t conceal a long gun, but don’t let facts stop you from bathing in others’ blood,” wrote Sean Davis, founder of The Federalist.“There are background checks in Virginia, and you don’t don’t ‘concealed carry’ long guns.

A few years ago, she was obsessed with the “Harry Potter” series, but these days she’ll read pretty much any fiction she can get her hands on.

Srugim examines the characters’ search for love and meaning amid the conflicting tensions of religious observance and secular mores.

In addition to domestic success, the show has attracted a small but significant American following, which I argue is due to reasons of content and distribution.

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