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, the reboot of the popular anime series that debuts today on Hulu. It's also relevant because Usagi soon learns from a talking cat that she is, in fact, the titular moon-affiliated superheroine destined to fight for love and justice, find the lost moon princess, and locate the powerful Silver Crystal. Like many anime heroes, the Senshi also acquire a wide variety of powers over the series, mostly in elemental variants: Mercury's powers involve water; Mars's powers involve fire; Jupiter's powers involve lightning; Venus's powers involve, uh, love. According to the English language lyrics of the theme song, their skills also include "fighting evil by moonlight" and "winning love by daylight." These ladies work hard, and they play hard.

The heroine of the series is Tsukino Usagi, a schoolgirl who possesses unique powers as Sailor Moon, one of the fighters for the futuristic Moon Kingdom. After years of teenage obsession I'd just like to say I always knew the day would come when this knowledge would be important—nay, necessary. She's the main character of a popular 1990s manga and anime series about superheroines in sailor suits who save the world. Sailor Moon meets them one at a time, and they're collectively known as the Sailor Senshi, aka "guardians" or "soldiers," destined to protect the solar system from evil. I've been a huge fan of since it reached American shores in 1995. They are interplanetary superheroines with alter egos as junior high school girls, yes.Who is Sailor Moon fighting, regardless of the time of day?She has different enemies over the course of the series, but her foes are usually space-related threats to Earth of some kind.

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