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Unlike the operating system, the BIOS is low-level software that is stored on a chip on the motherboard of the computer.In order to update this low-level software, you normally have to “flash the BIOS“, which will replace the old software with the new version. Probably not, but in this article I’ll walk you through the process of determining whether or not there is an update for your BIOS or UEFI firmware and whether or not you need to install it.Just because there is an update for your BIOS does not mean that you should necessarily install it.As I said it is difficult to find a solution other than reset of CMOS.As you said the power shutdown on the half of the process of updating BIOS, it may crash the BIOS chip. Otherwise you need a local repair tech to help you further.

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Nearly all Intel Based motherboards and some 3rd party motherboards have a jumper or switch to recover the BIOS. What is a safe and surefire way to revover or reflash my bios as it did it during the erase phase and stupid me, I didn't backup :( Thank you in advance as I'm hoping for a miracle. You said that "I've tried many of the suggestions on here" can you tell us that what are the steps you tried so far? CMOS reset, power cycled the machine and removed CMOS Battery I didn't see any jumpers, if so, where are they on the ASUS X751MA Motherboard 4. Tried to flash boot,with using bios updates on 1GB usb didn't take in all formats) 9. Removed battery pressed power button for 1 min (nothing happened just the indicator lights work, screen is black, tried default F, ESC, and F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12 and did it also using shift and ctrl, and Windows Key C and B (doesn't hurt to cover all possible avenues, right? Power light stays on as does HDD light, DVD makes read sounds when booting 8.Is it possible to create a USB that autoboots the files required recovering my previous ASUS BIOS (as I have only a black screen and before this, my notebook was working)... I tried to use the HDMI, VGA, and even ESATA port adaptor. One of the reasons that Bios updates should never be done in Windows. Cheers, Brad Please Do not create multiple post as i already replied to your previous post here. In mean time, Did you able to enter into safe mode option? Below are the remedies I have tried so far for my ASUS X751MA FILE PATH \AMIBIOS_and_Aptio_AMI_Firmware_Update_Utility\amiflash\Aptio V\bgt\bgtwin 1. Things left to do: Bang my head on the wall do some black magic and dance around it for 2 days, listen to the neighborhood noise, and play in traffic Please guide me through this problem...

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