2016 christensen dating gossip hayden natalie portman september

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But first, we look back in our archives at Christensen's November 2003 cover story following the premiere of , this 22-year-old Canadian has explored the moral ambivalence and nuanced darkness that lurk in the hearts and minds of complicated young men.

When asked about her upcoming baby’s name, she said that she needs to meet her child first to decide a name.Apart from her husband, Portman has been linked with many men. She was also rumored to be dating Jude Law, her ‘Closer’ co-star, and Nathaniel Philip Rothschild the same year. However, we’re happy that Portman has finally found and settled for the one she had been looking for.In 2006, Portman was linked with Jake Gyllenhaal and Sandy Samberg. Her relationship with her husband Millepied and son Aleph is great, and the addition of a new member seems to bring a lot of joy in her family.Some stars have some serious chemistry onscreen while others fizzle right before our eyes!Casting directors usually order screen tests to ensure that actors and actresses have the right amount of chemistry to convince viewers that the relationships are authentic. We have compiled a list of 12 onscreen couples that have absolutely no on-screen chemistry!

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