Jeff and jordan still dating

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But in the long run, it brought us closer together instead of tearing us apart. Are you worried about how you might come across or be edited here? , you're stressed out the whole time, so obviously there's going to be more bickering and more arguing. There were times I wanted to shoot him so bad and times where he wanted to strangle me, but we got through it.Tagged: Big Brother, big brother 11, big brother 11 cast, big brother 2015, big brother 2015 spoilers, big brother spoilers, jeff and jordan big brother, jeff and jordan wedding date, jeff schroeder, jordan lloyd 2015 spoilers!Our friends at Big Brother Network shared that Jeff Schroeder went on Periscope to announce their wedding date, which will be on October 1, 2016!But the adorable couple isn't sweating it."We just don't pay any attention to it," Jo Jo said.

I mean, they are hanging out with Haycole from BB16 and Jordan is even trying on wedding dresses!As she explained, “We are so open with each other and never hold anything back.” .Their diverse personalities were tested on the show and their relationship certainly felt the pressure. “We still needed to get to know each other better since we were newly dating.” Related Link: Ryan Danz and Abbie Ginsberg Tell Us How They Bonded on ‘The Amazing Race’ After they were eliminated from the race, Schroeder and Lloyd returned to their separate homes in Chicago, Illinois and Charlotte, North Carolina respectively, pursuing a long-distance relationship.Well, we still have a long time to wait, especially since that will be about two years of being engaged before getting married!I find it odd, as Jeff and Jordan are set to appear on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, set to premiere on May 29 on WE tv.

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