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Every few hundred years it’s renewed and a secret organization made up of both races, called the Black Guard, enforces the treaty and protects the innocent.

Our man, Taki Renzaburo is the best agent the humans have to offer.

`'` Debian - when you have better things to do than fixing systems "they redundantly repeated themselves over and over, incessantly without end and ad infinitum" -- ibid error: error creating output file /var/log/syslog.1.gz: File exists indicates that the file syslog.1exists.

@madduck can you check that the file doesn't really exist?

If you want to watch a forced rotation, use -v (--verbose).

I'm also using rsyslog, the same version of logrotate, and rotation is happening correctly.

I used all kinds of pet odor removers and cleaners (store brand) but none worked. We used bleach, different cleaners NOTHING touched the smell until we used Nok-Out. We were told the smell could come back up through the tiles so we did a second application just to be safe. If you have severe dog smells like we did use Nok-Out; you won't be disappointed.

I addition, when I called to order Nok Out, Ted took the time to help me make sure that I understood how to use the product correctly and effectively. This is the first product I've ever wanted to write a testimonial for.

Maybe a book-store specializing in classics of literature.

Driven by a sense of duty and booty, Taki is forced to team with Makie, Black World’s best agent, to protect a key figure of the treaty signing.

Although they’re opposites, Taki being the silky smooth player to Makie’s stern professionalism, they both effortlessly ooze a calm cool that sets the tone for even highlighted stylistically with most of the movie being tinted with blue hues.

How persistently they keep looking for new things to acquire! As you see, Socrates, I have remained your faithful disciple.

Socrates: You greatly honour me, my dear Constant, by crediting me with being the educator of such a distinguished man as yourself, although, as you must know, I have no knowledge of any worth myself, and so I could not have imparted knowledge or wisdom to you – or anyone else for that matter. For I do not imagine a busy man like you walking around the mall for mere sociological observation or idle contemplation!

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