Radiocarbon dating igneous rocks

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A consequence of this approach to the Phanerozoic periods is that the ages of their beginnings and ends can change from time to time as the absolute age of the chosen rock sequences, which define them, is more precisely determined.

The set of rocks (sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic) that formed during a geologic period is known as a system, so for example the 'Jurassic System' of rocks was formed during the 'Jurassic Period' (between 201 and 145 million years ago).

The latest high-tech equipment permits reliable results to be obtained even with microscopic samples.

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The table omits the time before 2500 million years ago, which is not divided into periods.The first academic effort to survey and understand the monument was made around 1640 by John Aubrey. This view was greatly popularised by William Stukeley.Aubrey also contributed the first measured drawings of the site, which permitted greater analysis of its form and significance.Whilst at Mount Killarus, Merlin laughed at the soldiers' failed attempts to remove the stones using ladders, ropes and other machinery.Shortly thereafter, Merlin oversaw the removal of stones using his own machinery and commanded they be loaded onto the soldiers' ships and sailed back to England where they were reconstructed into Stonehenge.

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