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The Post’s poll found that Americans’ attitudes about surveillance are anything but consistent, whether the sample is the entire nation or a single, conflicted person.Nearly seven in 10 Americans are concerned about how much personal information government agencies and private companies collect, the poll found.“He was ready, and we were, too,” the father tells KOCO.By “ready,” the dad meant he had his wife, the teen’s stepmom, wait in a tent in their backyard, while he, a nephew, and a cousin hid and waited until, he says, the man showed up and peeked inside the tent.Abedin is the now-estranged wife of Anthony Weiner. The FBI did not have a warrant to search through the emails until Sunday night.

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To make things worse, the two had also decided to meet in person for the first time—which is when the girl’s dad decided to act.

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The discovery was a surprise because the laptop belongs to Weiner, who is not a member of Clinton's staff.

However, it is obvious that Huma Abedin, who is Clinton's top aide, did use the computer at some point.

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