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“Part of our mission at Hoosier Hills is to be better for our members by making a positive difference in their communities,” he said.

That's what the Local Union 798 Out-Of-Work List is all about. The next morning the job will be filled by the Member that applies for the job and has the oldest Out-of-Work Date.

The Basic Idea A Job Line has been established and jobs ordered by contractors are posted between the hours of 6 P. The Out-Of-Work List exists to make sure every Member gets a fair share of the available jobs.

He is charged with battery and criminal confinement.

Jasper (Local Sources) – Jasper (Local Sources) – Hoosier Hills Credit Union have made a three-year pledge totalling ,000 t0 community projects including the Jasper LEADS (Library, Enrichment, Arts, Downtown) Community Fund Drive.

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