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Hi my name is Veronika Rose (former germanflavor2). I have 5 meows and 2 woofies (cb won't let me write the c or the d word lol..). I have a big heart and I am also very sweet, funny and sensitive.I love disney movies, butterflies and I collect fairies.If you have encountered a problem, please use the password recovery form or contact our customer support.So I’m not exactly sure how the rest of the Redskins Nation is feeling after our performance Friday night against the Patriots, however the gist I’m getting after peeping around our site and some other Redskin affiliates would be a very different opinion than the one I’ve formed myself. The regular season is around the corner, and I’m finally willing to throw out some bold (and some not so bold) predictions about the season.

Models should keep in mind that private shows may be expensive for members, so delaying the show or asking for additional tips may be considered rude.ALSO DON'T ASK FOR MY REAL NAME AND WHERE I AM FROM OR WHERE I LIVE!! Pms are ok only if it is for a request you don't dare to ask in public nothing more. I also won't show up with my partner on cam so don't ask and don't ask why. I can squirt but not all the time and not on commando. You might wonder why I got implants because you saw me before without and they looked nice my boobs.I AM FROM GERMANY AND LIVE IN THE US NOW THAT'S MORE YOU NEED TO KNOW!! This is what happend, after the pregnancy my right boob was saggy and in Oct 2014 I went to a surgeon to get this corrected. I still was able to hide it a bit from the cam but I felt miserable. The website`s interface has become much more convenient and user-friendly. It now has a brand new layout with dozens of interesting and useful features.

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