Dating servicemen cream dating game

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Harry was even seen lifting up the beard of a veteran as he gave him a medal of recognition for rowing the Atlantic, before the official ceremony got under way.

In one corner of the bare earth, a set of football goals has been erected.

A neighbouring plot, containing mainly Indian colonial servicemen who fought alongside the British, has also had many of its headstones destroyed.

The Basra war cemetery is one of several around southern Iraq that date back to the British Mesopotamian campaign of 1914, when Britain launched an ill-fated assault on what was then a corner of the Ottoman empire.

The award of a prize in his name, is but a small part of this legacy, a gesture offered to show how much Henry meant to us.' Harry told the hundreds of guests present that since its inception in 2012, the Endeavour Fund has supported 39 different projects; directly assisting nearly 1,500 people on their recovery journeys and in turn, inspiring many thousands more.

Harry said: 'With support from the Endeavour Fund, they have joined teams, established strong support networks and discovered new passions.

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