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With the popularity and rise in use of online text-based communications came the emergence of a new texting language, tailored to the immediacy and compactness of these new communication media.

Today, text and chat abbreviations are used in many of the following online communications Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging, email, online gaming services, chat rooms and discussion boards.

But in early 2010, he found himself having a particularly awkward conversation about sex.

A 46-year-old pregnant woman had visited his clinic at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia to hear the results of an amniocentesis test to screen her baby's chromosomes for abnormalities.

Blokes would write to the agency asking for my phone number. I know I'm not supposed to say it because people say it's immodest, but look at me. I was going to ask her to lend me 10 bucks, just to see me through the day."I met Peggy years ago in drama school. "I'm afraid there's nobody here at the moment," she said sweetly. But if you go to the Holiday Inn, you can ask your questions then." lent me some cash. Otherwise I would never have been able to pay the stylist. I considered wearing stockings I'd brought some - but eventually decided to leave them off.

"This particular morning, the morning that changed my life, I left my flat and went to my friend's flat Peggy, that's her name. In fact, she knew nothing apart from how to make an appointment. I stuffed them into a black duffle bag and then unzipped my wardrobe bag. I pulled out the smallest, sheerest G-string imaginable this would show them I was broad minded; a nice skirt I'd got from Paris the last time I was there; a top; no bra.

I heard a zip and then breathing that slowly got harder, and then a sort of wet slappy noise for a minute, and then it stopped and I felt something warm and wet slowly trail along my chest and touch my nips, and then felt it touch my mouth, pushing between my lips a little bit and touching my tongue.

I collected my thoughts and considered how I should begin. Then hefty types would turn up early morning banging down the door. "I'd taken small roles in advertising spots, commercials for dog food, cleaning fluid, that kind of thing. Whenever I've been desperate, she's helped me, slipped me the odd green bill. I'd never done it in front of the camera, but I was hardly a virgin. A junior receptionist answered, very polite but totally wet behind the ears. It was full of girls like me, starlets with their heads in the clouds and their feet in the gutter, desperate for a break. All I needed now were some decent shoes, stilettos, of course, and I just so happened to have the business.

"I suppose the story starts with the disappearance of my sister, Merideth," I sighed, laying my shot glass on the table. I told them I hadn't heard of Jennifer "So in the end," I continued, letting it be, deciding that I couldn't. They weren't roles to get me noticed, to make a statement or my name, but they were a start. "Pay me back when you win the lottery," she says with a wink. I saw a young woman in a crisp white blouse and a navy pleated skirt handing out questionnaires. After my last job they were throwing out these exclusive slippers, and it was such a shame to let them waste.

I shifted on my seat, letting my short skirt ride up my thigh. I made a small space for myself next to the hand dryer and shuffled off my clothes: my jeans, my top and my sneakers.

I worked there once as a table dancer, just for a short time. I got out because of a disagreement, but what goes around, comes around. I'd done it so many times I could do it in my sleep. The bathroom was full of girls too, hogging the mirror, undressing, changing, brushing their hair, gossiping about so many things.

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