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Outlook 2000 and Later Distribution Lists | Global Address List DLs | Personal Address Book DLs | Outlook 98 (IMO) Contact Groups | Using Categories for DLs | Tools | More Information Outlook 2000 and later versions allow you to create distribution lists in any Contacts folder, including a folder in Public Folders, by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the New button.The members of these DLs can include both existing entries from any address list and entries created only inside the particular DL.Some of those contacts have been added to my personal contacts list in outlook.There are also some Lync contacts in my personal contacts, but in a different list.If you open the DL, you can use the Update button to update the addresses in the DL if the original contact or Global Address List addresses have changed.DLs in Exchange Server mailbox or Public Folders contacts folders are limited to about 128 entries, but those entries can include other DLs.When the details in the GAL of those contacts also in my personal contact list(s) are changed, I'd like the later to update, too.

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If you want to hide the contents of the list, put the name of the DL in the the Bcc field (View | Bcc).This blog dives into topics related to Unified Contact Management for smartphones in the enterprise.It addresses business continuity, emergency preparedness, DR, productivity, and employee reachability.This was the default behaviour for Group Wise, is there a way we can achieve this with Exchange? Use CTRL K to quickly check a partial name against the default address book; otherwise, just use Outlook for a week or so and the name cache will fill up with your contacts. We're a TS environment, with people working between several offices, so that will come in handy.One think to keep in mind, is that when moving people between machines, don't forget to copy the name cache over (NK2 file located in appdata\microsoft\outlook) so they don't have to repopulate it. I guess people will just have to live with it until it gets some use.

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