Updating webreference

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The return_display Value property will specify how reference fields are returned.

When this property is set to true all reference fields returned from a request will be returned with the display value rather than the sys_id. There are two different ways to set the property to true.

This should bring up the “Add Web Reference” pop-up, which is shown below.

Although ADP offers many different web service WSDLs, we will only be using the Get Employee Personal Info web service.

Our goal in Part 2 will be to write a Share Point external data source application that can access the ADP Employease web service and retrieve and display data.

Last week I decided I needed a good, useful project to throw at .* * Copyright (c) 2012 Yannick Albert ( * Licensed under the MIT license (Since version 11g R1, Web Center Sites has natively provided the capability to allow editors to create vanity URLs for assets out of the box.Add a web reference using WSDL Adding a web reference allows the .NET framework to auto-generate most of the functionality necessary to make a web service call.

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