Richard armitage dating sophia myles Cd tv video chat rooms

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But if she’s genuinely a “decent person” and someone we can identify with, which most of us can’t when it comes to the “rich and beautiful” (even though we too may be both beautiful and rich, of course) …

well then she’s not so much of a rival but more a substitute for ourselves? Which then boils down to the whole issue of “if she’s a friend of his, and she’s a ‘normal person’ with half a brain, that means that by default, Richard Armitage would also get along famously with me, if we ever crossed paths” – which again, sounds if not creepy, at least it’s bordering on stalkerish. Now, how much I may gush about the guy online, I’m a (reasonably) sensible person offline, and wouldn’t dream of stalking a celebrity or get to the point of really believing that Richard Armitage and I would be BFFs if only we met. Likelihood of me ever getting to a point where he’d consider me a friend – none.

But anyway, here goes: I too have a sort of reluctant interest in Ms. If he was seen with a supermodel, he would be Just Like Everyone Else – one who cares more about the appearance of someone rather than about the person they are inside, which I loathe anyway, and that would perhaps diminish a part of the att RAction [sic].

Capper, which is really difficult to explain, because … I suppose that from a sense of being an ordinary woman, that he’s seen with a woman who looks REAL is the sort of self-satisfied “see? Good grief, fangirl psychological analysis is a slippery slope.

Parts followed in period pieces, Colditz, the Thunderbirds remake and the thriller Art School Confidential, which also starred John Malkovich.‘If I had a tattoo, it would say “Lucas woz ‘ere”,’ says the 39-year-old.

And maybe a couple of those ­comedy-tragedy actors’ masks.‘Actually, I wouldn’t want a tattoo at all.

But Myles’s grubby debut is noteworthy because it’s a leap from the crinolined English roses we’ve seen her play up to now in costume dramas such as Mansfield Park, The Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby and Tristan & Isolde.Richard Armitage played the role of John Proctor, and Samantha Colley played the role of a girl who was love struck by Richard’s role and persuaded him to lapse.Well, the sort of on-screen romance made its way to their real life, and the couple started dating since then and got engaged in 2016.Posing as an Eastern European prostitute on a Somali pirate ship in the first episode of a new series of Spooks, Sophia Myles is clad in a gaudy get-up of stonewashed denim, hot pink Lycra and the sort of cheap bling you might associate with the oldest profession.“It was just the most hideous, most unattractive outfit I’ve ever worn,” chuckles Myles, 30.

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